terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2009

Unpredictable - IQ Perama

Life changes every time.
If I should know all the answers I wouldn't be here, baby. That´s why I question, hint, suggest, insinuate, inspire, intimate, propone.
Yes, look at me as I could be a good cancer. I'm the shark inside the tuna's tank! Moving makes them healthy and fresh!
Only a thoroughbred could provide a non conflicting life. Welcome to my critical world.

lyrics by IQ Perama

KKK, o que é impossível?
"Pau que nasce torto mija fora da bacia" - Mamonas Assasinas

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Culto&Grosso: Mostre isso aqui p'ra eles!

Culto&Grosso: Mostre isso aqui p'ra eles!